The past few years I’ve used the month of December to decide what to do in the new year. So what about 2024?

I’ve had a few languages that I invested a lot of time in but then along the way life happened and I couldn’t or I didn’t want to continue with them on a regular basis. Last December I decided to try to reactivate these languages together with 3 priority languages.

But now at the end of the first month of 2024 I find myself with four extra languages that suddenly one way or another are wandering around me every day.

I think it is very difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when I fell in love with languages as it is something that has grown very slowly.

A very important moment was for sure when my secondary school organised an exchange with a school from Tricarico, Italy. After two weeks in Tricarico, I was already able to speak some basic 🇮🇹. Immersion really helps to pick up a language.

More importantly…

How did this new adventure of mine start?

How did I end up teaching 500 lessons to almost 100 different students in less than 3 months?

I am an introvert. No, I award myself the title Mr. Introvert’83. I have no idea how some people don’t start sweating when they meet new people. I start sweating when I know there is a POSSIBILITY, I MIGHT have to meet someone new sometime in the future.