Here to share my language learning tips and tricks, struggles, mistakes, failures and successes.

So who the fork is Kenny?

Long live my avatar! At 38 no wrinkle to be seen and donned with a perfectly ironed shirt. Back here in reality I try to ignore any wrinkle I discern in the mirror and ironing is without any doubt my most hated household chore, so long live wrinkled clothes and wrinkled people (Judi Dench rocks)!

Hey, my name is Kenny and there’s something polyglot about me, but what’s really important is my passion for languages and language learning.

I am your regular introvert boy next door (more info @ Urban Dictionary *) with a strong interest in languages (hence why I study/use them on a daily basis) and language learning (hence why I became a teacher).

Italian 🇮🇹 at home, Spanish 🇪🇸 whenever I leave my place, English 🇬🇧 in my head (daytime and dreamtime), news/books/podcasts/series/music in a bunch of other languages 🇩🇪🇧🇷🇦🇩🇩🇰🇿🇦.

So, you might have guessed that languages are my big passion ❤️‍🔥 and teaching is my vocation, but it took me a while to discover it. Hence why I have a Master in International Politics and one in Journalism on my CV, next to experience as

  • assistant manager in a cinema in my 🇧🇪 home town Ghent,
  • residential educator for Unicef’s SOS Children’s Villages in 🇮🇹,
  • editor for the regional Flemish government,
  • and social inspector for the federal 🇧🇪 government

and then some. But teaching is my thing and has been for a while. After a first experiencing with teaching back in 2011 in Rome 🇮🇹, 2 decades later I am enjoying the 🇪🇸 siesta and fiesta here in Madrid.

There’s more to life than languages, right? When not mixing up or switching between languages you’ll be able to find me

  • meditating 🧘 (ok, that’s only some 20 minutes a day),
  • reading 📚 (fiction and stuff on self-help, politics, economics and history),
  • turning my balcony into a garden 👨🏽‍🌾,
  • trying to prepare something edible 👨‍🍳 (some people call it cooking),
  • listing to podcasts while running 🏃‍♂️,
  • singing and dancing 🕺 to the songs of my favourite Spotify playlist (when no one is around but my dogs).

(* but you have to promise to stop reading when they start talking about first kiss and virginity or am I too late now?)

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